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Fluxite has been involved in the clean energy field since 2001. We are a technology boutique specifically involved in the research and development of generators capable of zero fuel input with clean energy output. Think it's not possible? Read on because we are the world leader in our field.

At this moment in our history, it's critical for us to invest time and resources to solve our energy and pollution problems. Further, we don't believe any person, company or country should control cheap energy and sell it back to us. We have as much right to this technology, freely, as when our ancestors freely used fire to heat and cook. Success will affect the generations to come.

Our work flow is first based on theory, then research, testing, and prototypes. Our business interests are non-profit and our work and research is freely available on this site.

Please understand, the race we're in, is between those that will charge you dearly for electricity and those that release it free to users worldwide, and that my dear reader, is a race we are winning.